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JAYSUING™ Mark and Mole Remover

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Let's learn the success stories of our verified and satisfied clients!

"I've been trying this cream for papillomas and warts for less than a week, and I'm amazed with the results; it reduces and smoothes them! I'm amazed at how it works; now I don't need surgery on my annoying warts!" - Susana Marquez, Madrid, Spain.

“I had a nasty mark on my skin that bothered me for months because of its appearance. I tried this product and within a week it dried out and shrank in size until it disappeared completely. Do they work!" - Clara Sanchez, Barcelona, ​​Spain.

"I had skin tags all over my neck. After a week of application, I got results instantly! In the past I have tried many skin tag removers that I applied for six months and did not see any results. This will give you the results you Looking For!" - Heidy Morales, Madrid, Spain.

Understanding skin tags and warts

If you have ever noticed a small piece of skin hanging on your body, chances are you have found a skin tag. Although these small bumps are completely benign, to some they are an eyesore.

Skin tags are small, non-cancerous tumors that are usually the same color as the skin. They usually look like a cluster of skin tissue extending from a small stalk. Sometimes they are darker and may resemble a raised mole. Most skin tags measure between 1 and 5 mm, but some can grow up to a few centimeters.

Causes of skin tags and warts?

Skin tags appear when extra cells grow in the upper layers of the skin. They usually develop when the skin rubs against itself, which is why they are more common in people who are overweight and, therefore, with skin folds.

What makes this product unique and attractive

Melaleuca Alternifolia (Tea Tree Oil) - dehydrates skin tags, causing them to dry out and fall off.
Arborvitae Leaf Extract

This herb helps in having clear and healthy skin when applied topically.

This organic compound has anticoagulant or blood thinning properties. Additionally, several studies have revealed that borneol is also effective in treating inflammation, relieving pain, and eliminating odors. The healing property of borneol is one of its most beneficial uses.

Our skin biologists and formulation scientists have been constantly researching to offer innovative products that meet a wide range of skin tag removal needs. This has led to the discovery of organic formulas of JAYSUING™ Tag and Mole Remover that can dry, shrink and heal skin tags.

Its active ingredients destroy the wart tissue, causing it to loosen and fall off. Apply this wart remover to your face or body to dry and reduce skin warts until they fall off naturally from the skin surface.

What makes JAYSUING™ Mole & Tag Remover your best choice?
  • No scars and no pain
  • Fast and visible results
  • Skin tags fall off naturally
  • Safe and hygienic
  • Easy and safe to use at home

Expiration: 3 years
Net volume: 3ml

Package Included
  • JAYSUING™ Mark and Mole Remover


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