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BeautyDiamond®- Exfoliating Glove

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The solution for smooth, glowing skin Now easier than ever!

BeautyDiamond® Exfoliating Gloves are handmade using an antique weave design that allows for gentle yet deep exfoliation . The unique knitting technique allows the glove to remain soft yet durable, while visibly removing dead skin and surface impurities .

All you need is hot water and your BeautyDiamond® Exfoliating Mitt and you'll be on your way to velvety soft, glowing skin .

🍃 Benefits for the skin

Exfoliates the skin naturally , improving the texture and complexion of the skin

✅ Helps reduce acne, ingrown hairs, stretch marks and scars

Stimulates lymphatic drainage , which can help reduce inflammation

Promotes the production of collagen and elastin, accelerating the creation of new skin cells

Naturally removes fake tan and provides a smooth base for future fake tan applications

⚙️ Instructions

Step 1:

Take a hot bath or shower for at least five minutes to soften your skin.
Avoid using soaps, shower gels or similar products, as the glove relies on direct friction with the skin.

Step 2:

Wet the glove and wring it out.
Get out of the water. Avoid drying out and make sure your skin stays moist.
Begin rubbing the glove all over your body with long, firm strokes.
Be very careful with sensitive areas. You may notice the skin starting to peel after a few minutes. If this occurs, avoid rinsing the peeling skin as these skin particles will aid in further exfoliation.

Step 3:

Once you have reached your desired level of exfoliation, rinse your body with water to remove any skin particles.
Pat dry and apply your favorite body oil or moisturizer.

Step 4:

Wash your glove by hand with natural soap and hang to air dry.
Repeat your exfoliation ritual once a week.

Wash the glove by hand with hot water and natural soap.
Skin must be clean of soaps, salts or bubbles before use.
Do not use the glove on your face.
Change the glove every 8 or 10 weeks for hygiene reasons.
Be sure to apply moisturizer and sunscreen after exfoliation.
The glove shrinks upon first use. One size (fits most).
Made with 100% biodegradable viscose from the cane plant.
Avoid using the glove on any open wounds, sunburns, or inflamed skin.
Skin peeling depends on your skin type. Your skin may also not peel if you use an extra daily exfoliant, or if your skin is too moist or hairy.
Visible results from skin peeling are not guaranteed. Rest assured, your skin will exfoliate regardless of whether visible peeling occurs.
Consult a doctor if you are unsure whether this product is suitable for you. For external use only.


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